[thelist] Google analytics slowdown(was"GoDaddySSLVerification")

Gersten, John JGERSTEN at lchb.com
Fri Jul 18 08:54:48 CDT 2008

Even as I am oh-so-obviously unclear on precisely what is going on at the Google end of things, I'm fairly certain it has to be more than a one-time download of a script file, because there are occasions when I see this "waiting for Google analytics" status message multiple times within a single browsing session.

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> I see from the other posters and the link posted that people do report
> issues here, but shouldn't this be a one-time issue? Shouldn't the JS
> be cached from then on?
> Perhaps I am missing something.

Perhaps that the script has to talk to the Google servers to get the information it's gathering to them.
Downloading the script is only part of the communication with the Google servers

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