[thelist] Little CSS Gremlin

Duncan Hill dunkaz at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 13:49:24 CDT 2008

On Wed, 23 Jul 2008 19:17:56 +0100, Fred Jones <fredthejonester at gmail.com>  

> On this page http://tinyurl.com/6zn25k (I prefer not to publish the
> URL right now) if you scroll down to the text "Answering your phones"
> in FF the li tags have a nice green circle. In IE, there is nothing.
> Now on the home page of the same site, the li tags use the same green
> circles, yet in works in IE. Appears to me to be the same CSS code in
> each place, however.
> Truth is that on the URL above, the ol tag beginning after "In order
> to serve you" also shows numbers only on FF, but not on IE.
> I just can't find what's wrong with this page that IE won't show the
> numbers and circles.
> Any ideas?
> Thanx


could the gremlin have anything to do with the different defaults applied  
by the different browsers, with refernce to margins and padding on lists.

Have you tried a reset to margin: 0; and padding: 0; for your various  

The individual settings that you have for your lists should be fine, but  
the browsers will use a common starting point for those settings.


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