[thelist] MVC, Frameworks, and the big picture

Kristian Rink kristian at zimmer428.net
Tue Jul 29 13:41:39 CDT 2008

sbeam schrieb:
> If the framework you are using is just making your life harder, then don't use 
> it. There is a lot of hype behind "MVC" - which is really a vague concept 
> that has a lot of implementations of varying quality - so don't get too 
> caught up. For you, it might seem like it is solving problems that you don't 

That's probably the point. To get started, forget about any MVC
framework and instead consider what MVC as an architecture / pattern in
software development is. The idea in itself is completely sane in
virtually every system in which you are likely to have content presented
in different ways / user interfaces / whatever. If you have a good clue
what MVC is all about, you will find it in appropriate frameworks, no
matter the language or environment (take Java/Struts as an example). But
more than that you will eventually figure out that, in order to make use
of MVC, you don't at all need a "real" framework but get rather far just
getting your application sorted in a "clean" way, keep presentation,
code and data separated, use a templating engine rather than mixing up
PHP and XHTML and all these things. From this point of view, <rant>I
don't think MVC is hype at all - it's something that just, for gods
sake, should not be needed to mention anymore in software development in
2008, considering that "refactoring" / remodeling / rebuilding of
applications in not just a few cases seems way more difficult than just
throwing it all away and starting all over anew. Unfortunately, it is

Just my $0.02 on that, of course.

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