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Kristian Rink kristian at zimmer428.net
Wed Aug 13 05:45:07 CDT 2008

Hi there;

interesting project you're into, honestly. :) Few comments on that, without
eventually solving the issue, rather trying to elaborate a little more on
the very problem:

Peters Gj (PSYCHOLOGY) schrieb:
> There is also research on the effectiveness of these techniques.
> Ideally, such studies would also be added to the website and tagged with
> one or several techniques (e.g. "this study studies the effectiveness of
> fear appeals").

This should be easily doable using a merely straightforward "tag" concept
indeed, given your tagging scheme is consistent all across your installation.

> And ideally, each technique's page would list all
> relevant studies, and summarize their results, so that an overview page
> of all techniques can show the average effectiveness of each technique.

So overally, it would suffice having, say, a tag "fear appeal" and a way to
list everything wearing the same tag in a meaningful way? I see in example
wordpress having such a facility ("related posts") which seems to work
rather well. Talking effectiveness however:

> For example, the fear appeal page would show a list of studies that
> studied the effectiveness of fear appeals, and in addition, it would
> integrate (quantitatively) the results of these studies[2].

Though this also should be possible (in example considering all posts
wearing the general "topic" tag (i.e. "fear appeal") and, say, another tag
noting that they're relevant studies), the actual problem in my opinion is
that, in order to do meaningful calculation, you would need a way to provide
study results to your framework/CMS in a machine-readable format. You might
need to come up with your studies preprocessed in a way to meet the
requirements of this processing mechanism to be usable in a meaningful way
(well, maybe you also could do any other way, i.e. extracting "numbers" off
XHTML documents, but this is hardly desirable...).

> I am not sure to what degree open source[3] wiki engines and CMS's
> (CMF's :-)) are equipped to deal with this degree of 'interrelation'
> between pages. Not to mention the 'calculation' part (this would be
> cherry on the pie, so I can live with leaving it out).

Maybe looking at, say, wordpress and the "related posts" plugin or dokuwiki
and the tagging plugins [1] would generally be a good starting point for
what you're looking for. Getting it "perfect" to me seems bit of a way
however, not talking about doing the "calculation" part... :)


[1] http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugins?plugintag=tagging

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