[thelist] CMS/Wiki

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 05:49:46 CDT 2008

> There is also research on the effectiveness of these techniques.
> Ideally, such studies would also be added to the website and tagged with
> one or several techniques (e.g. "this study studies the effectiveness of
> fear appeals"). And ideally, each technique's page would list all
> relevant studies, and summarize their results, so that an overview page
> of all techniques can show the average effectiveness of each technique.
> For example, the fear appeal page would show a list of studies that
> studied the effectiveness of fear appeals, and in addition, it would
> integrate (quantitatively) the results of these studies[2].
> I am not sure to what degree open source[3] wiki engines and CMS's
> (CMF's :-)) are equipped to deal with this degree of 'interrelation'
> between pages. Not to mention the 'calculation' part (this would be
> cherry on the pie, so I can live with leaving it out).

Drupal can handle this. Wiki functionality can be added to Drupal, but
this is not Drupal's strong point, IMO. Google for 'Drupal wiki' and
see the results--some are useful.

Using tags (taxonomy in Drupal) you can connect all of your pages
together easily.


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