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Peters Gj (PSYCHOLOGY) Gj.Peters at PSYCHOLOGY.unimaas.nl
Wed Aug 13 08:48:52 CDT 2008

Dear Fred, Kristian et al.,

Thank you for your replies! I will investigate the options you provided
- Wordpress's related posts, Docuwiki's tagging plugins, and Drupal's

If I understand correctly, though, these solutions provide, in a certain
location (e.g., below a page, or in a sidebar) a list of all pages with
similar tags, perhaps even limited to pages of a certain 'page type' or
'content type'. If so, then I am sorry that I may not have been clear,
or that I do not understand your posts sufficiently. In either case,
here's another go at explaining :-)

Is there a wiki engine of CMS that allows one to do something like this:

  <start of a page>

    Page title

    Text of a page.
    More text.
    Even more text.

    List of behaviour change techniques:

      [Here, tell the wiki engine to look for all pages tagged
       'technique' and list the name and a short description as
       links in a table (or as a list, etc)]

    More text on the page.

  <end of a page>

So, can you let a wiki enginge/CMS looks in its own database and
integrate the results in a page?

Of course, other solutions get the job done as well. However, I would
want 'readibility' of the end result to be as high as possible, as the
intended target audience is quite big. Thus, ideally visitors with no
knowledge of how 'tags' work (and believe me, most of my colleagues lack
such knowledge . . .) can intuitively work with the site.

I am sorry for not having been clear from the outset (or not
understanding that this already is how your solutions work)!

Kind regards,


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