[thelist] social media sites

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Aug 18 15:07:42 CDT 2008

Bob Meetin asked:

>>what are your general feelings about the following:
>>facebook, etc.

Hi Bob,

In general, I would say my feelings are skewed a bit to the negative side.  I have not been that big fan of any of them.

However, I _am_ beginning to become more of a youtube fan.  Only quite recently have I found it to be a useful tool (rather than the time wasting diversion it's best known to be).  Several times in the past month or two I have found it to be very helpful in working through difficult sections of sheet music for songs I wasn't that familiar with.  I could look up a song I didn't happen to have on hand and listen to the section I was interested in.  That was very helpful.

Today I looked up a few videos on kettlebells.  I saw some in a shop yesterday but I wanted a little more info on how they are used before I spend money.  Again, very quick and very helpful information.  (Words I never would have guessed I would have associated with youtube!)

>>what other sites would be good for getting website feedback/review?

Well, to be honest, I'm not seeing *any* of those sites as being good for getting quality (actionable) website feedback and reviews.  I would start with evolt, alistapart, webmonkey and the like for a technical review and then extend to paid primary research with actual users for more in-depth insight.


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