[thelist] social media sites

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Aug 19 00:17:27 CDT 2008

YES it depends on your purpose.  AND YES website feedback best comes 
from web-design oriented lists.

Social networking sites have niches.  If you are a musician, myspace is 
HUGE for networking.  Artists in general seem drawn to myspace. Myspace 
doesn't allow you to syndicate or export blogs, has been known to 
permanently delete accounts at the drop of a hat, etc etc, so there are 
also many reasons not to get too serious with it.

Facebook so far, has proved worthless to me music-wise, but somewhat 
interesting professionally.

Youtube: I have one for my band, one that is more personal stuff I want 
to put into the world.

I think if you are a content-oriented person, and/or a compulsive 
networker, some these sites can in fact be very useful.  But at some 
point, you get burnt out.  *raises hand*

I'm now looking at how much I can achieve with syndication, and/or how 
to drive people from social networking sites to websites.  In short, I 
think social networking can be fun to experiment with, and sometimes 
extremely powerful... networks can be very powerful.  Come to think of 
it, I met some of my best friends in Portland on myspace. And caught up 
with long lost friends too.  So there ya go.

<tip type="facebook syndication" author="Erika">

The facebook app "notes" allows you to import your content from another 
site (a blog feed, youtube, etc) onto your facebook page.



Bob Meetin wrote:
> i'm taking a straw poll. what are your general feelings about the following:
> * facebook
> * linkedin
> * twitter
> * bebo
> * plaxo pulse
> * digg
> * stumbleupon
> * youtube
> * myspace
> * nowpublic.com
> * newsvine.com
> i'm putting together a data sheet for myself with some general 
> recommendations for clients.  what is conspicuously missing from the 
> list?  what other sites would be good for getting website feedback/review?
> -bob

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