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Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 11:35:27 CDT 2008

@Erika - I'd love to discuss online music marketing via social media, with
you, as a fellow musician. I

Online socnet marketing insights:

Playlist.com which provides embed players for your own original music (I
pasted in my Last.fm mp3 URLs, since my band, Str8 Sounds, was not yet in
their system),

 MySpaceMusic is the top music site where you interact with your band idols
and your avid fans and your fellow struggling musicians,

Last.fm enables me to upload discreet albums w/cover art,

Blogger provides a reliable, fast, effective platform for a band blog, with
multi media displays.

YouTube is where you build your music video library/museum.

Snackr provides a ticker crawl across bottom of browser window alerting you
to RSS blog post titles.

Twitter is a powerful, SEO juicey channel for link distribution and insight

Plurk, Jaiku, Pownce, Identi.ca reinforce and expand your Twitter
microblogging universe.

Pownce enables a musician to post mp3s to your constructed community...

and socnets provide massive SEO juice!

I am bursting with experiential insights about social media marketing in the
new, non-marketing stylistics. LOL

Fun, effective, fulfilling: Web 2.0 Tool Communities.

It's not really "media" to advertise on, it's social networking to be human

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 12:17 AM, Erika <ekm at seastorm.com> wrote:

> YES it depends on your purpose.  AND YES website feedback best comes
> from web-design oriented lists.
> Social networking sites have niches.  If you are a musician, myspace is
> HUGE for networking.  Artists in general seem drawn to myspace. Myspace
> doesn't allow you to syndicate or export blogs, has been known to
> permanently delete accounts at the drop of a hat, etc etc, so there are
> also many reasons not to get too serious with it.
> Facebook so far, has proved worthless to me music-wise, but somewhat
> interesting professionally.
> Youtube: I have one for my band, one that is more personal stuff I want
> to put into the world.
> I think if you are a content-oriented person, and/or a compulsive
> networker, some these sites can in fact be very useful.  But at some
> point, you get burnt out.  *raises hand*
> I'm now looking at how much I can achieve with syndication, and/or how
> to drive people from social networking sites to websites.  In short, I
> think social networking can be fun to experiment with, and sometimes
> extremely powerful... networks can be very powerful.  Come to think of
> it, I met some of my best friends in Portland on myspace. And caught up
> with long lost friends too.  So there ya go.
> <tip type="facebook syndication" author="Erika">
> The facebook app "notes" allows you to import your content from another
> site (a blog feed, youtube, etc) onto your facebook page.
> </tip>
> Erika

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