[thelist] translating a website into Nepali

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Tue Sep 9 19:50:40 CDT 2008

Here is what I have discovered today trying to figure this out.

1. You can get free Nepali fonts on the web: 

2. You can copy and paste Nepali into a web page. On my computer, it turns
into rows of little boxes, maybe you have seen that before. When you upload
the page, it turns into Nepali looking text! You can see my test page here
with the screen shot of the page in Dreamweaver (yes, I am lazy and like to
see the color coded code in Dreamweaver!!!) under it.
I took the text from the bottom of this page:

3. Then I found this from the Penn State Univ website:
In order to integrate foreign scripts into your computer, you must set up
"keyboard" utilities in your operating system. Keyboards will allow you to
switch between typing English and other languages in word processors and Web
tools. This process will also make sure the correct fonts are installed are
availble for Windows or Macintosh. Not sure I want to do this though, I
would have to figure out HOW exactly to do it.

4. I am thinking I am not going to be able to do this translation without
ending up going completely loony and becoming a severe alcoholic. I tried
downloading one of the free fonts to translate an image on the website, and
it was all little boxes in spite of trying to use the Nepali font, which was
showing up in the font list.

Maybe I should give it a fresh look in the morning......

Thanks to everyone who replied, I appreciate the help.

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Simon MacDonald wrote:

> I see some eastern script in Outlook 2007 - can't say if it's Nepali, 
> tho ... ;0)

Well... if it's "eastern"-looking, it's probably correct -- better than a
bunch of question marks or stuff that looks like comic book swearing, anyway

Brent Eades	
Almonte, Ontario


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