[thelist] SOLVED: ASPMail component behavior

Mark Kamian mhkamian at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 8 11:37:40 CDT 2008

Just an fyi here, as I got to the bottom of this:

Upon closer inspection of the logs, I determined that the GET was from a different IP - that of the shared mail server the message is being relayed through... which is using Clam AV to "review" URLs, links, etc...

I guess I won't be relaying through that server any longer...


> Hi,
> I'm using Server Objects ASPMAIL to create a multi-part mail for html and plain text email viewers. Within the BodyText, I'm including a hyperlink. The strangest thing is happening, however: The page in the hyperlink is actually being called when the .SendMail method is called. The browser doesn't direct to it, but upon inspection of the log files there it is: A GET to the page that is hyperlinked.  This is beyond me.
> If I remove the <a>...</a> and merely display the URL as text, everything works as expected.
> Has anyone experienced this?
> Some (abbreviated) code:
> <%

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