[thelist] displaying numbers from XML attributes in a Flash Application

Bruce Gilbert webguync at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 12:47:12 CDT 2008

thanks Erik, I believe that was the problem. Didn't embed the Numerals!

> Do you include the numeric outlines in the text field? What happens when you
> trace the attribute values?

> - Erik

> Hello List,
> I found a little flash based MP3 application that works wonderfully
> and you can store the MP3 data via XML and import into the application
> that way. I came across a little snag however in that numbers don't
> display in the application if they are part of the XML attribute. For
> example if in the XML I have:
> <track source="tracks/U2_Bad.mp3" artist="U2" album="The Unforgettable
> Fire" title="Bad" />
> in my Flash application it will only display the U under artist and
> not U2. If I change it to Utwo then it displays, so I know there is a
> problem with displaying numbers as an XML attribute. I am assuming
> this is an XML thing and not something in the Flash or ActionScript,
> but I could be wrong. Does the XML attribute need to be escaped
> somehow? If I need to provide more XML code or ActionScript code, I
> can do so.
> Thanks in advance for any insight.
> --
> ::Bruce::


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