[thelist] Site Check

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 03:51:16 CST 2008

> Font-scaling does a number on it in any compliant browser as will
> minimum font size 24px.

The Zoom feature on my FF 3 seems to actually preserve the basic layout.

> Some text partially unreadable (white on white) on load in Mac SeaMonkey
> and Camino-- and much more so in Mac Opera.

OK, when my Mac is working I will check those out.

> There's some image/text overlap on my home machine (linux, ff3.0.3) w/
> my normal font size @ 20pt:
> http://www.turmel.org/TheList/ingathering-nojs-kde3-ff3.png

I see that. So you set your font size in FF to something non-standard.
Anyway I imagine he uses IE and even if he has a FF like yours, that's
not called "all over the place. " :)

> looks the same as FF3 in IE 6.0.29 on xp sp2.  Can you show him how to make
> a screen shot?

I doubt it. Maybe on the phone I could walk him through it, however.
That's a good idea.

> Also, if it turns out to be only his machine, you should
> charge him. ;)

Maybe you could call him and walk him through the process of paying
me, also. LOL. :)

> Try http://browsershots.org/.  Its not instant but you can test many
> browsers, versions, and OS's for free.

Thanks. I see there that it does fail in MSIE 4.0. I imagine it will
fail on a Commodore 128 also. :)

Beyond that, they all (default selection at least) look good to me.


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