[thelist] How to arrange minimum hours of work

Ben Parizek ben.parizek at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 21:34:44 CST 2008

Hey Folks,

I'm looking for some advice from a few of you more experienced freelancers.

I've got a couple potential clients who want me to upkeep their site
(no design or development, they just want to have somebody around for
whatever comes up regarding their website needs).  I've only done this
for one client before and the situation is not ideal.  Some months
they have 20 hours of work for me, sometimes they have 15 minutes.
This makes it hard to forecast my own financial future and quite
frequently is more inconvenient than profitable.

I'm thinking one solution might be to say that I require 5 or 10 hours
minimum a month (or just charge some fixed minimum monthly fee), and
can charge an hourly rate after that.

May I ask what some of you think?  Or what solutions some of you have
already found in this situation?  Any good arguments on why I
shouldn't accept work under some minimum?

Thanks in advance,


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