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I agree, if someone can understand you what's the difference?
But...that won't stop a grammar snob from making fun of you though.

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> Subject: Re: [thelist] nomenclature - site map / web site
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> > While we're at it, which of these is proper:
> here's a bit of confusion I cleared up in my own head long ago: the
> dictionary is not a rule book. it is a snapshot of a moment in the
> development of a living thing: language.
> spinning from the yarn of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, if I
> use a word, and you understand me, that's infinitely more important than
> whether or not we used the same punctuation or spelling. The Bard of
> Avon spelt his own last name at least 7 different ways.
> I would email you about the site map at my website, but if you did
> otherwise, I'd listen to what you meant, not what you wrote.
> And if a prospective employer, business partner, or spouse took issues
> with you hyphenating (or not) your reference to electronic mail, I'd
> look elsewhere; they're too uptight.
> joel
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