[thelist] Drupal... what's with the sudden hype?

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 05:31:19 CST 2008

> 1. Where did this influx of Drupal fever come from?

Don't know.

> 2. Why can't a non tech big wig understand that it's a PHP application
> and a PHP developer would be suited to help them.

I disagree that any PHP developer is suited to work on a serious Drupal site.

> 3. Has anyone else been hounded by recruiters for Drupal only work..

Not me.

> 4. Am I deludng myself... is Drupal really hard to master?

I would say yes. To get a simple site up and working is indeed not
difficult. To get a site with multiple embedded views and custom
module functionality, where the modules are of course written in the
correct Drupal fashion to take advantage of the API and input cleaning
and output templating etc. etc. will take even an experienced
developer months to master.

Here is one example of a page on a complex Drupal site:


I know a firm in North America who only works with Drupal and who only
takes on jobs larger than $20,000. Whether or not that's intelligent
or worth discussing is a good point, but my point is that Drupal is
extremely extensible and powerful and one can build upon it tremendous
web applications. This is not the type of tool one can figure out in a


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