[thelist] HTML (!!!) How would you code this?

Hugh Miller hmiller at cfpress.co.uk
Sat Dec 6 15:52:45 CST 2008

Hi folks,

I have a requirement to publish a list of stories within various categories.

The first story - think main story - needs to have a headline, teaser paragraph,
image, published or latest version date, byline, whether comments are allowed,
and related multimedia links. The others only require a headline.

I'm looking towards :

<div id="category">
  <p><img src="image" alt="Caption" /></p>
  <p>Byline / Comments / Multimedia</p>
  <p>Teaser paragraph text</p>
    <li>Headline 2</li>
    <li>Headline 3</li>

This will be used on a load of newspaper sites, and I want to make this as
accessible as possible, and ideally pass WCAG2. Where I fall down is when I
think about the list items. Sure they are related to the category, but is there
any best practice I should consider to demonstrate to the end user that the list
starts at item 2 instead of item 1? (ie. would you put the first story within
the list and style that content or would you keep the top story as is?)

Assume the CSS and anchors in this snippet exist. Basically an image on the left
with all text on the right of the image.

I would much rather use the category div to display all content for that section
(think News, Sport, Leaders, Entertainment etc).

>From a design perspective (and for accessibility) I would rather not have "More
stories" or similar text on display. So simply adding that above the list isn't
really an option.

I would really appreciate any observations or comments. For your information, I
have convinced my employer to allow me full control over making these sites
validate as strict and pass at least WCAG2, as far as I know this is a first in
the UK, so I really want to get it right. [thelist] is where I first caught the
accessibility bug so I would appreciate your input!



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