[thelist] why web pages look having different color on different LCDs?

Hugh Miller hmiller at cfpress.co.uk
Sun Dec 7 11:15:29 CST 2008

Quoting Bob Meetin <bobm at dottedi.biz>:

 Bob, that sounds much more of a calibration issue through Linux. I'm not a
linux user so cannot tell you where your monitor profiles or calibration is set
but if you can access that you might be able to resolve the problem?

The fact you mention web forms blending into the background certainly suggests
that, and it might be as simple as just changing the contrast on your monitor.
I'm going to guess that it's unlikely that actual colours are missing from the


> Not to cloud an already murky picture (not me), but here's something I ran
> into recently, seemingly a tech/config issue on my end, but a morphed related
> issue:
> With my Ubuntu Linux PC I have been using an older 22" monitor.  I just did a
> little office reconfig and moved my newish 22" widescreen (Acer) to the Linux
> PC. 
> I reset the resolution to something like 1280x768 and the perspective looks
> perfect.
> The problem - with this monitor on the Linux PC I seem to have lost portions
> of the color map. If I open Firefox, Seamonkey, Konqueror or Epiphany, same
> problem 
> (so I think not browser specific).  On my website I have some background
> colors in the main content, I think either #eeeeee or perhaps #dddddd. The
> background 
> flanking the content is white, #ffffff. Well it is all perfectly white now.
> The #eee or #ddd and #fff have all become white. I see this on other sites,
> not just 
> mine. With some webforms (not web forms ha!) I look at some of the
> edges/borders which should be soft but are now blending into the white
> background.
> If I move the monitor over to that other, Windows PC, the colors are as they
> should be. What tool or application do I need to access, even download, to
> correct 
> this?  I don't see any screen setting under Display that control the number
> or array of colors.
> This really lightens up a dark site, but certainly that is not the goal, you
> know...
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> Bob
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