[thelist] My Eternal Quest for a better Time Tracker

Hassan Schroeder hassan.schroeder at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 09:27:54 CST 2008

On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 4:25 AM, Fred Jones <fredthejonester at gmail.com> wrote:

> Problem is I am moving more now into Linux and OS X and I am looking
> for a cross browser tool.

If you have Ruby on your systems, you can use punch --

  punch is a k.i.s.s. tool for tracking the hours spent on various projects.
  it supports logging hours under a project name, adding notes about work
  done during that period, and several very simple reporting tools that
  operate over a window of time.

Grab it with `sudo gem install punch` and give it a whirl  :-)

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