[thelist] why web pages look having different color on different LCDs?

Zachary Kent zachary.kent at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 11:30:54 CST 2008

My suggestion: buy one of the LCD calibration instruments from
DataColor http://spyder.datacolor.com.  This way you can be sure YOUR
colors are pure and the problem is with other people's monitors.


On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 5:53 AM, Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu at realss.com> wrote:
> I noticed this very long time ago: for some colleagues the web page
> background looks coral, for some looks yellow, and for some others look
> between coral and yellow. I know LCD doesn't always reproduce color the
> same, but I never worried about it because I am a web dev, which means I
> am only interested on the programming logic, e.g. in CMS and I don't
> care nor pick on my colors.
> But since recently I am exploring knowledge what a web designer career
> needs. I found it's important the customer sees color the way we want to
> represent. I cannot change the LCD of visitors, but I need to know how
> to make 'most' visitor gets the color we want them to see. Googling
> around bring me to the knowledge area of CMS, not the content management
> system I used to know, but "color management system". Further googling
> around and using wikipedia I only find a lot of in-depth article about
> ICC, color mapping etc and gets introduced to more and more complicated
> knowledge about color. e.g. some posts recommend me to read
> http://www.poynton.com/ColorFAQ.html which is complicated and with no
> picture example to give an intuitive illustration but rather gave a lot
> of formulas; definitely not readable to a web designer nor to a
> developer who have no interest/time to explore depth knowledge of how
> color is calculated. I just want to adjust color and see the result in
> the web browser, see it fit and save+commit, while being confident that
> most visitor also see the color matching as I made them.
> I also think I can just buy a new LCD, because color changes when LCD
> grow older. But again, in the LCD shop I discovered even in new LCD the
> color looks different from one to another.
> Thanks and sorry for the stupid question: looks like common knowledge
> but google like "color difference between monitors" didn't help.
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