[thelist] Financial Situation

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 13:59:22 CST 2008

>  I'm wondering if this situation is
> affecting people like us also.

I just got my answer from the Dean of my alma mater:

Without a doubt, the State of Ohio is experiencing one of the most
critical periods in its economic history. We, as Ohio residents, know
that better than anyone. More importantly, so do our in-state

As the economy slows, Ohio State undergraduate students who come from
in-state families find themselves taking on more and more debt or
forgoing their educations altogether.

The University has made significant efforts to reduce operating costs
and hold tuition constant however, as the State of Ohio reduces Higher
Education support, it becomes even more difficult to maintain such a

After that he asks for money. :)


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