[thelist] Scaling text

Martyn Sales at medes.net
Fri Dec 12 10:10:34 CST 2008

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> Martyn wrote:
>> I am converting my website from fixed width 800px, it was all going well 
>> until I edited the Nav bar, I have formatted all the text in ems.
>> I obviously I don't want the Nav bar to wrap down with smaller viewports 
>> and I have used Nowrap, but this just goes off screen.
> Is it really true that you would want tiny text instead of wrapping 
> navigation on a very narrow viewport?
The minimum my site has ever been viewed at is 640 as far as I can, tell 
obviously I don't know the monitor size this was viewed on if the 
navigation wraps it looks terrible the site is currently built as 800 
(www.medes.org.uk) but I dislike the large white areas at the sides when 
viewed at higher resolutions.

>> Is there anyway to scale text to the viewport size as with images. I 
>> have created all the divs as 100% etc.
> Basically no - not with pure CSS 2.1 anyhow.
You seem to suggest there is a current way outside CSS 2.1? did you mean 



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