[thelist] PHP Object-orientated programming - book recommendation

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Tue Dec 16 06:45:07 CST 2008

>> Go to a decently stocked bookstore.  Take some time to browse.  Buy  
>> what works best for you, regardless of who the publisher is.
> Ron makes a really good point about going to the bookstore. The way
> that I have made decisions about books is by looking through the table
> of contents or index for solutions to specific problems I'm trying to
> solve. I am usually more apt to pay the $40-60 USD if I find a good
> solution.

True if I had an book store with English books (which I want) at hand.  
But here (Geneva, Switzerland) they are selling only/mainly French  
books (which I don't want). I depend thus heavily on Amazon... :-))

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