[thelist] exporting content from joomla site

Sarah Adams sarahwbs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 09:25:59 CST 2009

I'm developing a site in Joomla, with a development copy of the site
running here, and a beta copy of the site running on the client's box.
The client has been plugging their content into Joomla on the beta site,
and now I'd like to get a snapshot of the content from that site to
export to the development site. However I want to leave users as-is.
Another concern is that the development site could get fubared if I
import tables containing module settings or the like (I've had this
happen with Drupal sites). So my question is: which tables would I need
to copy from the beta site to the dev site in order to copy *only* the

My google-fu has failed me. I tried posting this question on the Joomla
forums to no avail. Anyone else find they have problems getting a
response from the Joomla community? Maybe I'm just asking in the wrong
place or something...

sarah adams
my thoughts: http://twitter.com/sarahwbs
my son: http://clarkeadams.com
my work: http://sarah.designshift.com

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