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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Jan 15 10:00:49 CST 2009


I've gotten response from the forum, but it tends to be just a "tad" 
lethargic.  Amongst other things, there are a number of Twitter accounts 
that you can follow or follow which might come in handy.  I'm sifting 
through several and am even getting "followed" by others.  Fred will be 
happy to know that you can probably do the same with "Drupal".  Daggers....

Anyway, you probably want to grab the content from jos_content, 
jos_categories and jos_sections.  If you don't have users synchronized 
your content items will probably end up with wrong ownership, so either 
you let it go knowing this is devel or you need to update this as well.

I did a lot of playing with test/devel websites before messing with the 
users list, jos_users.  This can get ugly because there are a number of 
related tables to users, which if not synchronized, will end up in you 
being unable to log in as super administrator.  This took me a couple 
days to figure out.  I wrote several shell scripts ( #!/bin/sh ) to both 
backup, dump and restore tables.  They are 'somewhat' documented but 
off-list I can send some your way if you want.

Also to note, if you have added Community Builder, it gets a little more 
complicated, but again, doable.


Sarah Adams wrote:
> I'm developing a site in Joomla, with a development copy of the site
> running here, and a beta copy of the site running on the client's box.
> The client has been plugging their content into Joomla on the beta site,
> and now I'd like to get a snapshot of the content from that site to
> export to the development site. However I want to leave users as-is.
> Another concern is that the development site could get fubared if I
> import tables containing module settings or the like (I've had this
> happen with Drupal sites). So my question is: which tables would I need
> to copy from the beta site to the dev site in order to copy *only* the
> content?
> My google-fu has failed me. I tried posting this question on the Joomla
> forums to no avail. Anyone else find they have problems getting a
> response from the Joomla community? Maybe I'm just asking in the wrong
> place or something...

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