[thelist] Link Text and SEO

Jeff Hinds jeff.hinds at netagency.com
Sun Jan 18 13:02:16 CST 2009

Hi Fred,

This is correct.

I also agree that the proposed anchor text is too long and would recommend
using a shorter keyword phrase.  Most importantly you are writing for your
readers not for search engines.


On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 9:01 AM, Fred Jones <fredthejonester at gmail.com>wrote:

> Someone contacted me and asked me to change the text of a link on a
> site of mine that links to his. The link now says something like Acme
> Inc. He wants me to use the text:
> Professional Doo-Hickey Design and Manufacturing -- Acme Inc.
> He says that the text matters for SEO in Google.
> Is this right? I ask b/c I want to know and also because we don't
> really want to change the text in the site--all the other links are
> simple like IBM, Ford, Kellogg's. To have his a whole phrase would
> sort of stick out. But he's a friend of the owner, so if he's right,
> we might do it to help his SEO.
> Thanks!
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