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Barney Carroll barney.carroll at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 08:56:33 CST 2009

L (should we call you Mohan?),

If your links are special enough by nature of their being *yours* — which is
the only reason people are going to want to visit your personal page on
delicious or any of the other services — then you should build a strong
identity around that link content and then simply make your own site of it.

The extra branding and marketing effort going into the site would pay off in
terms of getting people interested in your links in the first place, and
then you could just get back-end functions to pull your delicious feeds
(and/or others), perhaps even by tag or whatever, so that you only have to
manage your AdSense and delicious to keep your thing going.

I just remembered your blog — why not build this into that? A lot of people
have a prominent 'elsewhere' column listing their valuable links to other
content. Most people, however, use Javascript to pull feeds from the other
services — which means that crawlers and automated services don't credit
their site for having the content. If you use PHP or whatnot, you should
make it so that the content is served with the original HTTP response and
benefit from the content indexing.

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2009/2/8 L. Mohan Arun (marun2 at gmail.com) <marun2 at gmail.com>

> Hi people
> Is there a service that will allow me to publish and share my bookmarks
> (tagged and categorized) AND put adsense or other ads on my page as I wish?
> I know delicious has user pages but they dont allow users who add bookmarks
> to put their own ads. I think active users who do a lot of bookmarking
> should be allowed to put their own ads and make money from their shared
> bookmark pages.. Any service that already does this?
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