[thelist] Unix commend line and cron arguments...

Ron ronr at linuxdude.com
Thu Feb 26 08:56:17 CST 2009

Tris wrote:
> I've got to edit several cron jobs..
> anyhoo, that's one thing, but I've been asked to do it in such a way
> where I can add arguments to the file name to help specify the
> output..
> Is there a list/cheatsheet out there, that'll list all available
> arguments for cron jobs?
> I've got one argument already... but I'm new to this and need clarification...
> EG:
> InputCard.php -c fr
> What does the -c mean, or is it custom to my script...
> Hearltily comfused.. ;-p

The "-c fr" applies only to the php script, it has nothing to do with 
cron. You don't need to know much about cron except how to make it run 
when you want it to. You might want to look at logging events and 
possibly sending emails when a cron job runs. Both are rather simple and 
plenty examples can be found with google

cron job with lots of args to rsync:
5 */6 * * *   root /usr/local/bin/rsync -av --delete 
--exclude-from=/etc/excludes.rsync /home /Backups


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