[thelist] gmail autoresponder

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 14:31:32 CST 2009

If I send an email to a certain gmail address, then I get an
autoresponse. This is good. :)

We have a custom form that uses php mail and I use this:

 $from  = "$name <$email>" ;

and no reply-to or anything like that. When I use the form to send an
email, I see that it goes to the same gmail address (same one as
above that is), but no autoresponse is sent. Yes, I used a different
email then the first email I sent b/c the responder won't respond more
than twice in four days. I wonder if the issue is that the gmail
address is not gmail.com--it's actually the same domain as the
site--they use a Google App for email. Maybe gmail sees that it's
coming from what seems to be an
"internal" location yet the purported email address is external?

Any other ideas why this may be failing?

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