[thelist] They emptied the MySQL DB

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 09:40:58 CDT 2009

> If the data is so "critical" and the system is a live one

No, people's pre-paid account balances are not so critical, now are
they? I'm sure all the clients don't care about that.

> a) unexperienced
> b) careless
> c) stupid

Hey, do you know this guy? You certainly describe him well.

> In either case they deserve what has happened and I believe it will be a
> good lesson for them.

You tell 'em!

> Some things cannot be learned unless you experience them alive ;)

Well said. Truth is that the guy who did it is scared to death to tell
the boss. We may have a way to reconstruct the bulk of the data from
another source, but this poor sucker is going to have to pay for the
development of that script--not a trivial one either. :(


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