[thelist] Non-Rectangular Viewport

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 16:29:35 CDT 2009

> how many image combinations are there? is it feasible to just make a
> single image this shape for each possible pair? much would depend on the
> source of these images; if you're dealing with two different departments
> on different schedules, or whatever, that's hard.

It's two different events and they're supposed to expire automatically
on a date and then the next one jumps in. So they're basically
independent, the two images.

> or how about methods of adding borders/edges/fill to rectangular images
> to simulate the non-rectangular viewport?

That would help with one image, but again I think the real issue is
the overlap. The bottom right of the top must allow for visibility of
top right of bottom and conversely the top left of the bottom must
allow visibility of the bottom left of the top one.

If each was transparent in that area, then it would work. I think.

I could always tell them that it might be easier to adjust the design too. :)

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