[thelist] basic Joomla question

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC ftarzwell at fayec.com
Fri May 1 11:29:23 CDT 2009

Hi Nan,

You are actually looking to add a module to the left position.
You could create a brand new Module, assign it to the left position and add
the image to the content area of the module (with the link, etc).
Once published it will show on the left. All you need to do is adjust the
order within the left position and you are done.

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) 
 Web Designer 
 Joomla! Bug Squad

On Fri, 1 May 2009 08:49:14 -0400, "Nan Harbison" <nan at nanharbison.com>
> Hi Evolters,
> I have been asked to add a graphic for a sponsor of an event to a website
> created with Joomla (they asked if I knew Joomla, I said sure! Does
> else do that, ha ha, I know I will figure it out.) I know Drupal better,
> Drupal terms, I am looking to add a block to the left side of the page
> under
> the main menu. I have uploaded an image to use, which has to be a link. 
> Can someone point me to the Joomla term for what I am trying to do, is it
> component, or section or category? Is this a banner? And how do you add
> this
> to a page?
> Thanks!
> Nan

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) 
 Web Designer 

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