[thelist] site check please! amc3

David Laakso david at chelseacreekstudio.com
Sat May 9 13:47:17 CDT 2009

Barney Carroll wrote:
> Hey all,
> It seems to be site check season. I'm about to release the gallery
> linked below, and I'd appreciate any spare-second testing, initial
> impressions etc from the list. 
> http://barneycarroll.com/amc3

Nice job! It is doing well in Mac FF, Mac SeaMonkey, Mac Safari, and 

In E 6/7/8 the link color is default blue, and the border of the bottom 
set of boxes is a little "off."
Opera  and the IEs are not able to scale line-height set in pixels.
Please see: <http://www.chelseacreekstudio.com/ca/cssd/amc.png>
A raw number for line-height will do. Since you mention accessibility, 
one guideline is a site should render at twice default font-size. The 
capture was shot at minimum font-size 32px in Opera.

It is a little disconcerting to open the site in a 1680 by 1050 widow at 
116dpi, find it tucked in the top left corner of the screen, at the 
author's preferred font-size for the primary content :-) , rather than 

I like the photographs very much. They seem hard to "read" though, as 
the site seems to be more about typography than photography :-) . And on 
the same note, I would think a creative commons license could suffice 
instead of a watermark.

Would the incidental text --  the copyright, link to your site, and  
font information -- be better set at the very bottom in a "footer?"

Despite all my nit-picking, it is a well executed and attractive site. I 
wish you both well.



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