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Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
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Thanks Paul, it is a good opportunity. I am psyched!
This is what I thought about getting permission. Could she claim that she
didn't know any better? 
Does that hold up in court? Or could she have the pants sued off of her?
She doesn't remember signing any contracts, which I have a hard time
believing, I think she may have forgotten.

Thanks again,

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Hi Nan,

First of all - this sounds like a great opportunity :)

Depending upon the contracts she signed, she may have waived the rights to
those photos when they were taken.

As she got paid for them, the photos may become the property of the company
which commissioned them.

Ditto for the other photos - unless you want a nasty 'cease and desist'
letter (or a court summons) you need to seek and get permission from the
individuals or companies who own the rights.


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I am about to do a website for a former US Olympic athlete. She wants to use
several of the photos taken of her during the Olympics, and afterwards, like
when Campbell Soup used a photo of her (and paid her for it). Another photo
was in Life Magazine.
So the question is - what about the copyrights on these photos? Since they
are of her, does she have any rights to use them on her website for her
business? Or does she have to track down the photographers, call Campbell
Soup, etc. and get their permissions?

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