[thelist] moving webhosting and losing all the old emails....

Fri Jul 31 15:22:21 CDT 2009

"...but this domain name is registered at register.com until 2014, so
I don't want to make them pay to move it over."

Just so you know, a domain isnt registered for some amount of time TO
a particular registrar itself.  Its registered with the dot-com
registry via the registrar (in this case Register.com).  If you move
the domain over to another registrar, it will keep its 2014
registration date.  In fact, I believe Godaddy will add 1 year to your
registration date (2015) if you transfer to them and I think the
transfer cost is 6.99 or something.  Also, godaddy allows for
dedicated IP addresses and complete DNS control.  I have a couple of
site hosted with them.

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 14:03, Nan Harbison <nan at nanharbison.com> wrote:
> Anthony - I usually use Godaddy, but this domain name is registered at
> register.com until 2014, so I don't want to make them pay to move it over.
> So that leaves moving everything to register.com, and they will give us a
> dedicated IP address so we can be looking at the site before changing the
> DNS. Godaddy doesn't exactly allow that, although they let you use
> yourwebsite.previewdns.com or something to look at it.
> I now can't reach anyone in their office, I think they are gone for the
> weekend, drat, I wanted to get going on this.
> And Jeremy, I don't think I have root access, But I will check as soon as I
> can catch anyone in this office! So which one, IMAP or POP3 means your email
> stays in Outlook if you switch hosting?
> Thanks guys!
> Nan
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> Nan Harbison wrote:
> > Hi Folks,
> >
> > I am working with a company on a new website, and we are contemplating
> > moving the hosting over to register.com, where the domain name is
> > registered for several more years, and they are a nonprofit, so trying to
> save money.
> >
> > Of course the huge problem is that their email is connected to their
> > hosting, so as far as I know, when we switch over, all their old email
> > will be lost. Is that true? And if it is true, is there a way to get
> > all their important email off the old server? Some use Outlook, and I
> > think the email on Outlook will not be affected, is that right?
> What were they using before, combination Outlook and WebMail? IMAP? Get
> everyone on a POP3 client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird) and have
> them download their mail (or IMAP and move all the mail locally).
> Then when you move Mail Servers you still have your mail.
> Another way would be to move them all to GMail accounts and setup GMail to
> download the mail from their olde server via POP3.
> BTW - I've had very good experiences with GoDaddy, registration and hosting.
> Very cheap too.
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