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Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Sep 3 10:30:45 CDT 2009

Just a wee bit of brainstorming here with a new project.

* The product is information and will change dynamically for each/every 
customer and instance.
* The customer will choose from an a-la-carte list then an algorithm 
will be applied to calculate the charge.
* He/she go through the checkout and pays.
* Customer will get access to the downloadable output.

Payment options - the client would prefer using a true payment gateway 
and offer regular choices as opposed to forcing the customer to register 
with a use PayPal.  Perhaps authorize.net or www.cdgcommerce.com? 

I will use Joomla CMS for the website which gives access to Virtuemart 
eCommerce. Regardless whether it is VM or PayPal, I'm sure that I can 
dynamically (on the fly) create a product as soon as the customer agrees 
to make the purchase then take that makeshift product through the cart 
process and eventually to the payment Gateway.

Although a product/SKU is created I can probably keep it hidden from 
public view by not providing access via a search, product list, category 
tree, etc.

Does this sound like a reasonable route with a product that dynamically 
changes?  Any comments or ideas?

Bob Meetin

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