[thelist] Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Unable to save result set in ...

Brady Mitchell mydarb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 03:11:53 CDT 2009

> If I run any select from the mysql prompt (SSH access) the results are
> fine.
> It is only when I attempt this via a PHP script interface.  I did a
> couple samples queries where I changed the order (from desc to asc) and
> set limits to around 97000-98000 from either direction with similar
> results.  It always breaks in that vicinity.

With that many results, you're probably exceeding the memory limit or
max execution time.


Both of these can be set on a per-script basis using ini_set

If you need to deal with that much data through PHP, you'll need to
setup pagination so that it will be within reasonable memory/time/page
load time limits.


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