[thelist] How to check if a domain has hosting

Roberto Gorjão roberto at asenseofdesign.com
Sat Sep 12 18:09:18 CDT 2009

Yes, that's what I meant Tony. Thanks.

Further examples:

1- asenseofart.com, asenseofdesign.com and asenseofpoetics.com are all 
redirected to asenseof.net at the hosting company, so the domain name 
servers belong to them. Two of the final IPs of the redirected domains 
are equal, but the third is different and so is the one of the targeted 
domain. Why do final IPs vary? I am not sure but I believe it depends on 
the hosts' architecture.
domain -> dns IP -> final IP
asenseofart.com -> ->
asenseofdesign.com -> ->
asenseofpoetics.com -> ->
asenseof.net -> ->
So, same dns server, different IPs.

2- sergiocamolas.com is frame forwarded to parking.asenseofdesign.com at 
the domain registrar, so its domain name server is different because it 
belongs to the registrar. Final IPs vary too:
domain -> dns IP -> final IP
sergiocamolas.com -> ->
parking.asenseofdesign.com -> ->
So, different dns servers and different IPs.

If I had set the frame forwarding at the hosting company, I would have 
the same situation described at "1": same DNS, but differente IPs. So, 
as you see, either dns servers addresses or websites addresses (IPs) are 
not reliable indicators about if a website is hosted, redirected or 
frame forwarded (cloaked).


Tony Crockford wrote:
> what happens is that the nameserver at the registrar points takes all  
> requests and redirects or forwards them to another domain, hosted  
> elsewhere.
> e.g. bclm.net reports its IP address as
> but web requests are forwarded to bclm.co.uk ( which is  
> hosted.
> I think that's what Roberto is referring to.

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