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Hassan Schroeder hassan.schroeder at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 20:37:07 CDT 2009

On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 4:09 PM, Roberto Gorjão
<roberto at asenseofdesign.com> wrote:

> 1- asenseofart.com, asenseofdesign.com and asenseofpoetics.com are all
> redirected to asenseof.net at the hosting company, so the domain name
> servers belong to them. Two of the final IPs of the redirected domains
> are equal, but the third is different and so is the one of the targeted
> domain. Why do final IPs vary? I am not sure but I believe it depends on
> the hosts' architecture.
> domain -> dns IP -> final IP
> asenseofart.com -> ->
> asenseofdesign.com -> ->
> asenseofpoetics.com -> ->
> asenseof.net -> ->
> So, same dns server, different IPs.

???  No one is talking about the address of the primary name server, which
is totally irrelevant to the question "is there a web server at X IP address?"

And there is no "redirection" involved here. It's simply how the Domain Name
System works.

h]$ host asenseofart.com
asenseofart.com has address
h]$ host asenseofdesign.com
asenseofdesign.com has address
h]$ host asenseofpoetics.com
asenseofpoetics.com has address
h]$ host asenseof.net
asenseof.net has address

Those are the IP addresses of the servers in question; log in and look
at the web server configurations. How is this not clear?

> 2- sergiocamolas.com is frame forwarded

I've never heard anyone use the term "frame forwarded" -- but whatever.
In any case, if frames are being used to provide content from other servers
transparently that's easily determined by viewing the page source.

> If I had set the frame forwarding at the hosting company, I would have
> the same situation described at "1": same DNS, but differente IPs. So,
> as you see, either dns servers addresses

I never suggested DNS server addresses are relevant to the original
question, because they certainly aren't; host IP addresses are.

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