[thelist] How to check if a domain has hosting

Roberto Gorjão roberto at asenseofdesign.com
Sun Sep 13 00:41:22 CDT 2009


1- I don't think your tone is appropriate. The objective here is to help 
each other.

2- If you never heard of "frame forwarding" maybe it is because you're 
not working with these things for as long as I do and you didn't 
actually read the first question on this thread. Google it and whatever 

3- Yes, DNS server addresses have nothing to do with this and you didn't 
imply they did, but they were mentioned by Tony, so I thought it would 
make things clearer.

4- What you said first was that Krystian could know it all by the IPs 
and you implied they would be the same. He can't and they wouldn't, 
that's what I said. If Krystian has the login data he can know which 
ones are hosted, but he never said he had. He only said that he got FTP 
access and that only later, and even after that he seemed not sure of 
what was really happening and if there were frame forwardings in place.

5- The 301 redirect HTTP response will say to him if any of the IPs is 
redirected, which I had already said before, and the frame forwarding 
may be recognized by the source code, as Mohan had already said too. But 
these are not entirely conclusive: the 301 redirect HTTP response is 
commonly used by hosting companies, but some of them and some of the 
registrars often use status code 302. You can check it yourself: I have 
santosebandeira.com redirected, at the registrar, to santosbandeira.com, 
and the status code is 302.

6- I think that if Krystian doesn't get 301 or 302 status responses on 
some domains and their pages do not show framesets at the source, he 
probably can safely assume that those are the hosted domains. He asked 
if we are sure... I am not a network engineer and I know there are 
plenty of other status codes so I am not sure. If you are, go ahead and 
assure him.


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