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Hassan Schroeder hassan.schroeder at gmail.com
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On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 10:41 PM, Roberto Gorjão
<roberto at asenseofdesign.com> wrote:

> 1- I don't think your tone is appropriate. The objective here is to help
> each other.

Yep, and that's the only reason I'm trying to correct some apparent
misconceptions :-)

> 2- If you never heard of "frame forwarding" maybe it is because you're
> not working with these things for as long as I do and you didn't
> actually read the first question on this thread. Google it and whatever
> yourself.

You're right, apparently the term is used by some cut-rate hosting
companies. You may have more experience -- I've only been running
web servers since 1994, and I've always used dedicated servers.

> 4- What you said first was that Krystian could know it all by the IPs
> and you implied they would be the same.

I didn't imply anything. I said they might be the same or they might
not. Either way, the IPs tell you which machines to examine.

> 5- The 301 redirect HTTP response will say to him if any of the IPs is
> redirected, which I had already said before, and the frame forwarding
> may be recognized by the source code, as Mohan had already said too. But
> these are not entirely conclusive: the 301 redirect HTTP response is
> commonly used by hosting companies, but some of them and some of the
> registrars often use status code 302. You can check it yourself: I have
> santosebandeira.com redirected, at the registrar, to santosbandeira.com,
> and the status code is 302.

One more confused paragraph. IP addresses are not "redirected";
HTTP requests are. And yes, the HTTP RFC specifies a number of
30x response codes, not just 301 or 302.

> 6- I think that if Krystian doesn't get 301 or 302 status responses on
> some domains and their pages do not show framesets at the source, he
> probably can safely assume

And I was trying to make the point that there's no need to "assume"
anything. Find the systems in question and check them directly. Or
at least that's what I'd do. YMMV.

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