[thelist] CMS Recommendations

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 10:10:09 CDT 2009

> I'm looking for a good CMS for a site for a bar/restaurant.  Flavor isn't a
> big deal - can either be .NET or PHP.  However, free/cheap is important.
> Besides being easy to use, the two major "modules" that it needs is to
> manage events, and have a GOOD photo gallery.  By "good", it would be nice
> to have the ability to upload multiple files at once.  The ones I've been
> looking at have options such as "if you want to upload multiple files, click
> the add button and choose your new file."  That won't work if you have 100
> photos from an event they want to publish.
> I've looked at several, but without installing and hunting down modules, I
> can't tell if they will do what I need.  So if anyone knows of something
> that fits the bill, I would greatly appreciate it.

You will not find anything better than Drupal. Check out the home page
RIGHT NOW to see the latest post that a top-60 site is migrating to
Drupal. Get on the bandwagon dude. :)

Fred, Drupal groupie

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