[thelist] file type and space analysis on my web server?

Joel Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Mon Oct 5 10:51:33 CDT 2009

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 8:16 AM, Nan Harbison <nan at nanharbison.com> wrote:

> You can do this in most FTP programs, I use WS_FTP, I actually bit the
> bullet and paid for the pro version.
> Nan
> I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. You're saying that with
your version of WS_FTP you can get a list of all files on your entire
hosting space, from the root through all subdirectories, output in some
sortable fashion? I'm still using my antique version of CuteFTP (or, when my
hosting service breaks, I use FTP from DOS) and Cute doesn't seem to have
anything remotely like this. It only lets me look at each folder, one at a
time, which doesn't do me much good since I've got over 500 folders at
various levels of the various sites.


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