[thelist] whois and locked

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Oct 5 18:55:41 CDT 2009

Phil et al,

If I had made voice recordings of me spelling out and enunciating the 
new nameserver names to at least 4 technicians (in addition to the email 
I sent) then it would be a very long recording.

Just to be sure I contacted hostgator on Sunday and verified with them 
that everything was right with the new nameservers. Never had a problem 
before this.

It was the last CB technician who said that it will not work because of 
the lock, thus prompting me to ask them to reverse the changes.  Did 
they do, as you almost suggested, turn the old off at CBeyond only, but 
without genuine access to update the nameservers.  I rarely see changes 
take as much as 24 hours and commonly overnight. 60 hours is a lot.

When I've done this with Tucows, GoDaddy or NetworkSolutions in the past 
I haven't run into this much time to propagate nor the confusing 
messages from the tech crew.

The client wants to keep his email hosted at CB but only move 
webhosting.  In advance I updated the MX records at hostgator so that 
this would work.


Sales @ Lycosa wrote:
>> They told him no problem, all that was needed was the new nameservers. 
> That sounds like a simple re-point to the new hosting rather than transfer
> of the domain. The website could have disappeared if a)the new nameservers
> were entered incorrectly, b)the new nameservers are not configured properly
> or c)the current hosting was turned off before the DNS had time to propagate
> ('they said I was impatient').
> For a thorough examination of the DNS, try dnsstuff.com ( my affiliate link
> is http://www.dnsstuff.com/amember/go.php?r=171169&i=b4 ). This might help
> identify what the dns is up to, if not the domain lock.
> Phil

Bob Meetin

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