[thelist] Sending Bulk Email

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 16:18:51 CDT 2009

> No. Spam is defined as "unsolicited bulk email":
> They didn't give express consent so it's unsolicited.
> You're not emailing each recipient separately so it's bulk.
> It's email, so it's email.

Hmmm, what if it was sent individually? I am hearing that this is
clearly spam, but the client of course is still pushing to do it
because HE thinks he will get some responses. What if we paid the
Indian guy another $10 to send the emails manually?

Perhaps that's a silly question I just asked. :)

> Read Seth Godin's "Permission Marketing" or Joel D Canfield's [1] "The
> Commonsense Entrepreneur" and learn how this is fundamentally wrong
> marketing, buying a list and sending an email. Learn about growing lists
> organically, through relationship building, and you'll be able to advise
> your clients about such—and get paid to do so.

Well this situation isn't about building a list. It's a one time
thing, as in "John bought from me this great T-shirt and he suggested
that I should email other employees of Acme, Inc and ask if perhaps
you want to also buy a T-Shirt for the Winter 2009 company picnic?"
Don't reply that we should make a list to then sell T-shirt's for the
next picnic, because it's not T-shirts--it's really a one time thing.

The list wasn't purchased, it was scraped from acme.com. Not that that
makes any difference I suppose.

Thanks for the feedback everyone,

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