[thelist] Multi-language site structure

Kimberley Rivero kimberley.rivero at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 15:01:39 CST 2009

> Also, I am not an expert on the voodoo science of SEO, but if Google finds
> essentially identical content linking to each other... will it assume that
> there is some backlink cheating going on and penalize them both?

If the content on one domain (or in one directory) is in Spanish and
the content on the other is in English (for example) then you don't
have identical content.  So I don't see the problem.  Yes identical
content is an SEO no-no, but not if it's in different languages.

I would say that if their marketing plans for a foreign country are
vague then it's probably best to keep the whole site under one domain.

When you get into multiple domains you have more details to worry
about.  Hosting and domain renewals.  Email addresses under each
domain.  There are just more factors to think about, so don't open
that can of worms unless you have a compelling and clear marketing
reason to I say.

- Kim

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