[thelist] network/performance diagnostic procedures

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Feb 16 22:00:23 CST 2010

Progress at 1kilometer / hour but progress.  I appreciate all the 
suggestions and am taking to look through the solutions offered, well, 
er, at my pace.

Traceroute not working has been annoying the heck out of me.  So I 
called Qwest internet support and they indicated that my modem is so old 
that they don't support it any more (even though it works) and are going 
to send me  a new one.  Oh fine...

Then I went to the actiontec website and found a support request form.  
They replied quickly but only to confirm that I had the modem configured 
correctly and they had no other ideas.

Not being a Windows person I googled traceroute and windows and it 
returned 'tracert'.  Booted up the windows PC and ran the command and 
dang if it didn't work perfectly.  This is systematic torture. So back 
to google and entered something like "traceroute fail ubuntu linux" and 
found a bug suggesting that you need to use -In options as sudo:

% sudo traceroute -In www.google.com

It will only display IP addresses, not hostnames, but this mystery 
(misery) is solved.

Back to the network performance issue itself, I've been taking some 
notes, charting several different test sites, to get baseline of what 
good performance is.  Yesterday was superior but most of Sunday was 
horrible, response times at 200% normal +.

The saga continues.


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