[thelist] need to register in every U.S. state / online donations

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Apr 21 09:55:23 CDT 2010

> Hi Bob,
> Please note: I have absolutely nothing resembling expertise in this area!
> That said, I would be quite leery of taking legal advice and interpretations of the laws of one State from a representative of a different State.  [I'm pretty sure 'passing the bar' to practice law in one State doesn't even give a lawyer the right to practice law in a different State ... much less some administrative flunky.  But people *do* so like to exceed their authority and tell others what to do - even when they are wrong or sadly misinformed.  ;-)]
> Have your non-profit check with their legal advisor.
> My 2¢,
> RonL
You're absolutely right.  I "think" that the complaint she has to 
address from state "A" came as a reminder to her that this was something 
she was supposed to have done long ago.  I undoubtedly misinterpreted 
the message.  She indicated that she was aware of this but it got lost 
in the shuffle.  Myself - I was rather surprised to hear of a 
requirement like this - it's complicated enough for an eCommerce 
business to register in one State, so for a non-profit to register in 
all - seems rather harsh.  Being a non-profit is adequately cruel and 
unusual punishment in its own right -Bob

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