[thelist] need to register in every U.S. state / online donations

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Apr 21 09:26:28 CDT 2010

Bob Meetin asked:

>>My non-profit apparently just got notifiied (by one state) that in order 
>>to take online donations you must be registered with each and every U.S. 
>>State, with their sales tax division, Secretary/Treasurer, whatever they 
>>call it. 

Hi Bob,

Please note: I have absolutely nothing resembling expertise in this area!

That said, I would be quite leery of taking legal advice and interpretations of the laws of one State from a representative of a different State.  [I'm pretty sure 'passing the bar' to practice law in one State doesn't even give a lawyer the right to practice law in a different State ... much less some administrative flunky.  But people *do* so like to exceed their authority and tell others what to do - even when they are wrong or sadly misinformed.  ;-)]

Have your non-profit check with their legal advisor.

My 2¢,

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