[thelist] What is normal 'ImageMagick' processing on VPS hosting?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Apr 30 13:48:12 CDT 2010

I'm twisting this thread a tad, so new Subject.  I uploaded a sample, 
typical, 1.5MB jpg to my website.  If you are curious and are willing to 
help, assuming you have ImageMagick (the 'convert' command) installed 
please do the following test. The results will help confirm whether this 
is  server/hardware problem, ImageMagick problem or that the slowness is 
normal for a single core VPS installation:

1) Download the test image from 

2) Upload to your Linux VPS server

3a) Assuming you have shell/SSH access , log into your server and 
execute the following commands from a command prompt from the same 
folder as the image:

    convert  cat1500kb.jpg -thumbnail '100x100>' -background white 
-gravity center -extent 100x100 100px.jpg
    convert  cat1500kb.jpg -resize 480x480 480px.jpg
    convert -version

3b) If you don't have shell access, upload the following php script to 
the same web accessible folder as the image and visit the page:


    echo "hh-mm-ss<br />";
    echo "<br />";
    $date = date("H-i-s");
    system("convert  cat1500kb.jpg -thumbnail '100x100>' -background 
white -gravity center -extent 100x100 100px.jpg");
    echo "$date<br />";
    $date = date("H-i-s");
    echo "$date<br />";
    echo "Thumbnail completed<br />";
    echo "<br />";
    system("convert  cat1500kb.jpg -resize 480x480 480px.jpg");
    echo "$date<br />";
    $date = date("H-i-s");
    echo "$date<br />";
    echo "Simple resize completed completed<br />";
    echo "<br />";
    system("convert -version");


4) Note your webserver hardware configuration:
   CPU 1.98GHZ
   RAM: 1344MB
   Core: Single (preferred, or Dual)

5) Note how long it takes each to process.

I know this is asking a lot.
Thx, Bob

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